[embed][/embed] Mimbre have once again teamed up with filmaker Arthur Le FOL to create our latest short film. BUMP challenges and deconstructs social expectations around people’s bodies during pregnancy. Joint artistic director Silvia wanted to show how pregnancy and movement can happily coexist. BUMP celebrates pregnant people’s...

​We got a Mimbre fantastic spring coming up! Here's a list of upcoming events, do join us!
  • We'll be at Women of the World (WOW) Festival on the 12 March with a short extract from our new show, If I could I would in the central bar at Royal Festival Hall, 1.50 pm, more details here! No tickets required to see our performance and there are lots of other interesting free things going on as well as a bursting ticketed programme. The festival is AMAZING!
  • Mimbre Youth Program is presenting their very own superheroes show on 22 March in Hackney, full details on request.