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Part of mimbre’s participation programme are also masterclasses in acrobatics, acrobalance and healthy physicality. There are two options for weekend- or weeklong masterclass programmes. Option 1 focuses more on the specialisation of acrobatics and acrobalance and a healthy approach to this intense training. Option 2 offers a more general approach to using physicality in theatrical contexts in different ways.

Both workshops could work towards informal presentations or sharing at the end of the week, if applicable this could be part of a festival or event or just to an invited audience.


Option 1: Acrobalance and healthy physicality

Acrobatics, acrobalance and movement workshop – taught by 2 teachers and with a capacity of 15 people. The workshop will have three main focus points:

  • Teaching a range of specialised acrobatics and acrobalance techniques from mimbre’s repetoire of tricks and styles
  • Creative and innovative approaches to choreographing acrobatics, as well as different approaches in how to use acrobatics and acrobalance in performance.
  • Strategies for how to train, work and maintain your body optimally for the extreme impact and load of acrobatics training. This includes warm-ups containing agility and stamina training, strengthening exercises and injury preventions. It also offers the opportunity to approach physical limits (injury, disability, body type) as creative springboards instead of stopping points, using your restrictions to come up with new and original ways of working.


Option 2: Creating with high physicality

Taught by Joint Artistic Director Lina Johansson with a capacity of 8 people or can be extended to 2 teachers and 16 participants.

In the class we will work with different techniques and tools in how to devise physical material – be it based on circus, dance or other physical skills. The workshop will be structured so that each participant can use their own existing skills, but there will also be a chance of learning a basic mix of acrobatics and acrobalance (partner-acrobatics) techniques – suitable and adapted to all levels and abilities – to use as starting points and develop a common vocabulary.

We will work at various ways physicality can be used for imagery and as representations of human relationships, atmospheres and to bring a narrative or a character forward. The class will also touch upon ways of including the physical environment into your creative process.

If you are interested in offering a masterclass at your festival or venue please contact us on  info@mimbre.co.uk or go to Downloads to download a PDF with more general information on our masterclass programme.


If this hasn’t already convinced you, have a look at what previous attendees thought about our masterclasses:

“Was great working with Mimbre, always wonderful to have a spotter for our crazy madness and have someone with experience and know-how guiding us along. We found so many more moves and you really helped progress some of our older ones too. Would love to play more soon.”

“I especially appreciated the level of constant observation MIMBRE showed whilst we practised and developed these new movements and techniques ourself – as they stepped in gave us technical corrections as we made mistakes – crucially important so we don’t develop/or to correct existing bad techniques/habits. I learned so much from this feedback as I began to feel how out of alignment my body actually is and what I now need to correct.”

“MIMBRE have clearly put a lot of time and thought into their masterclasses and I would highly recommend them to any Physical Mover. Not only that but the whole week was GREAT FUN!”

Coming from a perspective of having experience with partner acrobalance, the week was just as rewarding and challenging. Exploring through our physicalities what acrobalance can be and symbolise and sharing enthusiasm for balancing throwing and lifting in creative ways was so enriching. I learnt an incredible amount on many different levels – both personally with exploring what my body can do, and in working with other people. What a beautiful and inspiring week!

The excercises we did and how the masterclass was planned, taught and facilitated, the one-to-one tuition, your energy, the people on the course, all have been a huge inspiration to me and I have taken so much from that week into what I am doing now.



More information on mimbre’s masterclass programmes
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