Mimbre | Past acts
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Past acts

Mimbre have performed a variety of short acts  for cabarets, galas and corporate events:


Three enchanting ladies from an elegant and romantic past perform elaborate acrobatic tableaux in a quietly flirtatious manner. Contrasting delicate costumes with physical strength, these characters remain elusive and captivating as they make their acrobatic journey through the admiring public.

A wandering performance to animate a space or an event, the performers display surprising choreographies in the midst of the audience. This is a perfect production for “Meet-and-Greets” or as a “walkabout” for events where a stage show might not be suitable.

Memento can also be booked as a combination with one of Mimbre’s other cabaret acts or extracts from other shows. This creates a complete evening of a light hearted “Meet-and-Greet” among the audience combined with an impressive stage performance as a highlight of your event.



Mimbre “Dream” from Mimbre on Vimeo.

In an enchanting physical performance, Mimbre uses flawless acrobatic work to create a poetic dream of flight, executed with precision and touch. The acrobats’ bodies become steps towards the sky as one woman’s dream takes her away on a journey.

Choreographed and performed by Mimbre

Directed by Joseph Alford

Music by Dave Randall (www.randallmusic.net)

Dream is an extract from mimbre’s show The Bridge, funded by Arts Council England and co-commissioned by National Theatre, Winchester Hat Fair and Laban Theatre.

6 minutes long

6 Feat

Mimbre “6 Feat” from Mimbre on Vimeo.

Balancing on hands and feet the three female acrobats create astonishing shapes and build improbable pyramids with their bodies. Watch as one incredible trick transforms into another in this quirky and uplifting number.

Choreographed and performed by Mimbre

Additional choreography Natasha Khamjani and Jackie Sysum

Music by Terrestre

6 minutes long

“[A cabaret with]…no shiny glitter and no teeth grinding precision, but British understatement and rather casual perfection…Mimbre celebrate their muscular dance-theatre on the highest level.”

Hambach Daily, Germany


Performed in an innovative style of fast flowing acrobatic movement, the piece combines somersaults and other forms of flight with balances in an intricate and high-energy choreography.

Hopp was originally created in Cuba by Emma Norin, Lina Johansson and Silvia Fratelli and then artistically further developed by Flick Ferdinando, to music by Toby Park.

Choreographed and performed by Mimbre

Additional choreography Flick Fernando

Music by Toby Park

Annemie’s rope

A beautiful and comic acrobatic solo about the tangled situations we get ourselves into and the ways in which we can try to move on. Annemie Pierle is an accomplished handstand artist performing in a poetic and expressive piece of acrobatics.


A fun and cheeky piece celebrating the different bodies of 4 female artists, as they take on a series of delicate tricks and balances, somersaults and backflips. Instead of glossy perfection, the audience  will enjoy a journey with these unusual acrobats, as they explore their art with spirit and panache, and of course, the grand finale!


When meeting someone new, a certain kind of dance always ensues. How do we fit, what do we have in common, are you better than me, or am I better than you? This acrobatic duet explores these meetings with gentle humour, generosity and gorgeous acrobatics, as two women meet and find the ways in which they connect, to each other and their audience.