Mimbre | Vision
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Mimbre believes in making the impossible possible


Mimbre believes that teaching young people a new acrobatic move or a complicated dance step will help build their confidence, aspirations and perseverance. Through our youth program we teach young people not only how to master a move but how to positively engage with their environment.


Mimbre Youth Programme

Mimbre run weekly street dance and acrobatic classes in Hackney. We work with around 90 young people every week. If you are interested in finding out more please visit our workshop and outreach page or email Jana on education@mimbre.co.uk.

School & workshop offers

Mimbre can offer a variety of workshops for people of all ages and experience. We have an experienced and inspiring team of teachers specialising in acrobatics and acrobalance, street-dance and physical theatre and can put together workshops covering one or all of these areas. We are also happy to put together workshop proposals on a particular theme or covering a specific curriculum on request.

Performance Projects

We offer young people the opportunity to perform through our programme, either in an informal setting during end of term sharings, or by joining us in big productions often in collaboration with established venues.

We also host tasters and facilitate auditions for projects that are suitable for our group . Our young people have performed all over London reaching over 3,000 audience members so far.


Mimbre offer open masterclasses aimed at both aspiring and established performers who already have experience of acrobalance and/or sports gymnastics. We welcome participation from disabled people or injured performers who want to explore alternative way of approaching acrobatics and high physicality.

Peer facilitators

We train and develop young people, who want experience in facilitation. They support the teachers and education officer run our workshops.

Arts Awards Supporter 

We are now arts awards supporters, and offer different ways to young people to complete their program.

They can take part in one of our dance and acrobatics classes which are suitable for ages 5-21, (depending on level of experience). They can also have a chat with our teachers, performers, & artistic directors to find out what it’s like to work in the arts sector. Finally those seeking to complete their gold arts awards are welcome to share their skills by becoming a peer facilitator and collaborating with our teachers in one of our many youth and community workshops.

We are committed to offering classes which are open and accessible and working with those most in need.