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The Exploded Circus

Mimbre exploding circus
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The Exploded Circus – is an all-female contemporary circus production with a highly visual narrative that uses the scene of a devastated circus and its performers as an allegory to explore themes around drastic change, belonging and hope.

The show invites audiences into a moment where an explosion has been frozen in time, the remnants of a circus caught mid-air – with everything from the circus ring, sequins, and fairground horses suspended above the ground.Featuring acrobatics, aerial work, juggling and other specialist skills the performance weaves a physical story told without words, where six circus performers have to find their own order in the chaos and create a new normal.

The Exploded Circus explores themes around change, belonging, community, and what being human means to us. What do we perceive as society and how might we rebuild it were our world to collapse? What would we change, what would we keep, could we make something better?

The Exploded Circus is being produced for 2018 to coincide with the 250 anniversary of Circus. It will premiere in May 2018 at Worthing Theatre and be available to tour after that. We will tour The Exploded Circus with a purpose-made, self-standing rig integrated into the design. This means the performance can tour to venues who don’t normally have the capability for circus rigging, as well as non-conventional performance spaces (town halls, old markets, warehouse spaces).

Design:Loren Elstein
Music: Quinta

For more information please download our Creation Dossier: The Exploded Circus – Creation dossier 08-17
En français: The Exploded Circus – French OCT 17

Photo Credit: Eric Richmond, Jamie Currey

The Exploded Circus is supported by Arts Council England, the Foyle FoundationPRS Foundation’s The Open Fund and Circus 250.




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