A participant’s thoughts on mimbre’s youth work

A participant’s thoughts on mimbre’s youth work

Leslie – 11 years old

Step-Up Group and Strong & Flying Participant

I really enjoy coming to mimbre, because I’m learning loads of things, also I’m meeting new friends. mimbre is        really fun because we perform loads of pyramids and learn how to do stuff like cartwheels, handstands, flips and many more things. Then at the end we can perform it to people. In mimbre we don’t always do acrobatics, we also do some games and circle time. I really like circle time because it is a time where we can talk to each other about interesting things.

I am also part of the Step-Up group. What we do is street dance and acrobatics. It’s really fun, because we learn new dance routines that have acrobatics in it and perform them at different events. The best thing is that we upgrade our learning there, as it is more advanced than the other groups. 

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