Bench goes to Bath

Bench goes to Bath

The Bench show is now officially on tour after a sun blessed outdoors premier in Bath this weekend!

I went with the performers for this first gig, as I know what a difference it makes when you bring a show outdoors – you just never quite know what happens to it. The setting and the audience really changed the feel of a show – bits that were sad are suddenly treated as funny, bits that felt great indoor suddenly look small or slow, the acrobats had to get used to the uneven surfaces of the outdoors and of course the audience brings their own energy into the show – feeding the performers energy!

With some onsite changes and adjustment the show is now really falling into place and ready to take on festival season in UK and Europe! We’ve had great responses and some lovely, lovely comments from the audience, and we even have a new fan club: the local vagabonds in Bath, two young gymnast girls and a lovely old couple – all of them coming back for 3 shows out of 4!

In good festival spirit we also had a great feast, up in the Spiegel tent on Saturday night to the irresistible music of New Cool Collective from Holland.

What a good start to the summer!


Lina Johansson, Director of Bench, signing off with a video from the premier in London!

Mimbre’s Bench from Mimbre on Vimeo.


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  • Rebecka Nord
    Posted at 17:43h, 05 June Reply

    It definitely was a perfect start of our summer tour! Nice nice nice!

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