Broken equipment wanted!

Broken equipment wanted!

We are looking for broken or discarded circus, theatre and musical equipment that can be part of the elaborate set for our new show The Exploded Circus.

 You can refer to the image above for examples, and we are particularly looking for:

  • Broken/old juggling clubs, rings, hula-hoops
  • Discarded ropes, trapezes or silks (i.e. not safe for climbing on)
  • Broken musical instruments
  • Full size Carousel Horse Head (our biggest challenge?)
  • Old circus costumes, the more glittery the better!
  • Top hat, ringmaster jacket, ringmaster boots
  • Rope ladders/the thin ladders for flying trapeze platforms
  • Human cannon replica (not to actually shoot)
  • Broken wooden caravan parts, wheels or planks
  • Old theatre lights/floodlights
  • Wooden a-frame ladders
  • Side cloth/wall of a circus tent (can be ripped)
  • Old theatre curtains
  • Umbrellas
  • Elephant stand/stool…
  • Broken bike wheels

We are open to suggestions, if you think you have something we can use please get in touch!

Anyone giving something away will get free tickets to watch the show and of course if you have some special items let us know if you want to give them away in exchange of a donation or a small fee.

If you want to contribute, please email lina on lina@mimbre.co.uk  with details of where your item is and how we can arrange pick up.





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