Discover our world (on video)

Discover our world (on video)

Summer is (somewhat) officially here and we hope you – like us – have been enjoying the warm weather. To make it even better we’ve put together a few short and sweet videos highlighting some of the amazing projects we’ve worked on this year.

(Oh, and a full length opera if you have more time on your hands…)

Please click the images to watch the videos, we hope you enjoy the show! We’re very proud of these projects so don’t hesitate to spread the love and share to your networks.

Mimbre's World
Mimbre’s World

Our newest video leads you into the darkest corners of our magical world, to discover a dreamworld, a heartbeat, a journey that takes place between two sips of coffee.

MIMBRE WondrousStrange
Wondrous Strange

Watch our outdoor performance celebrating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s legacy and commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company. The performance indulges in the physical and visual, expanding on scenes from Shakespeare’s works that are normally just fleeting moments and bringing into focus action which is usually just alluded to.

Superpower Project

Our youth group explores what it would be like to have super powers for a day in this holiday project supported by Discover Young Hackney.

Eugene Onegin

For the first time in Garsington Opera’s history, Eugene Onegin is available to watch online for free (for 6 months). Our very own Lina Johansson was recruited as the acrobatic choreographer for the piece, you can catch her tableaux in the Polanaise in Part 2 from 17:37.



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