Falling Up and Until Now on tour again

Falling Up and Until Now on tour again

Our performers are currently in rehearsals to get two of our shows, “Falling Up” and “Until Now”, ready again to tour across the UK and Europe this summer. This is always an interesting and exciting  development process, but very different from creating a show from scratch, as our Artistic Director Lina Johansson explains: 

Being in re-rehearsals of a show is so different and so much easier than rehearsing from scratch – even if part of the cast is new. Once the show has been up and has been out on tour you know confidently what works and what doesn’t – from the reaction of the audience, comments from friends, peers, press and audiences (thanks a lot to all of you who filled in our little feedback cards after the show last summer; they gave me a lot of information about what you liked, what you took from the show and what you found confusing).

You also have more distance to the show, you can “kill your darlings” more easily and get rid of the bits that you were really attached to and insisted to include, even if they didn’t necessarily fit perfectly in the show. This is often difficult the first time around as so much good stuff always comes up in the rehearsal room… so it is sometimes hard to not get fixed on movements or storylines for their beauty, even if they don’t have a right place in the show.

When re-rehearsing a show you can indulge in choreographic details more, as you have the structure already in place. You can also be more confident. Getting “Until Now” ready for the road again went like a dream and the show premiered in Belgium 2 weekends ago to great success. Now I am really enjoying working on “Falling Up” again, finding new stories for Silvia and Martha who have joined Emma and Alison who already did “Falling Up” last year… It’s crucial to find stories and characters that are personal to the new performers, while still fitting snugly into the existing themes. 

I think our upcoming tour with two shows on the road is going to be great! But please come and judge for yourself on one of the gigs this summer!

Have you often been wondering what goes on behind the stage? The pictures below allow you a glimpse into our rehearsal room!


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