Falling Up – Indoor Version at Jacksons Lane

Falling Up – Indoor Version at Jacksons Lane

Falling Up at Jacksons Lane – 19th June, 8pm

Mimbre - Falling UpNext week we are moving indoors with an experimental way of performing Falling Up – part promenade and part staged performance, in the beautiful building of Jacksons Lane. Below Artistic Director Lina Johansson reflects on her approach to this brand new version:

“After a very successful outdoor tour last year I was looking back at all the wonderful and constructive feedback we received from both our lovely audiences and programmers. One recurrent theme was that some audience members loved the split focus in the beginning of Falling Up whereas others found it very frustrating (in the first part of the outdoor version you watch the performer closest to you and find out about their background story and quest, but you don’t get to know the other performers’ starting points). Some audience members really wanted to have a chance to ‘meet’ every performer and got distracted by what they might be missing.

There were many reasons for why I chose to start the show in that way, but I especially wanted to do it this way because the intimacy between performer and audience sometimes feels greater when not everyone knows the same story. Also, in life you do not know the background story to each and every person – we are left wondering, guessing and wanting to know more.

Mimbre - Falling Up - Valladolid

However, here is your chance now! At our indoor promenade version of Falling Up the audience gets a chance to see all four solo performances at the start, spread around the hidden parts of the Jacksons Lane building, before entering the main stage to see the second part of the show unfold with all four performers in the same space.

Mimbre - Falling Up - Valladolid

With Mimbre’s Joint Artistic Director Silvia Fratelli being back on stage after her maternity leave and Martha Harrison (from Until Now) adding her infective charm, the show and the characters have been further developed since last year. There are more acrobatics, aerobics, cakes, flowers and definitely more babies…

Just like when we took Until Now indoor for the London International Mime Festival (do you remember the big tea party with cakes?) our aim with this version of Falling Up  is to again bring the intimacy and direct contact from the outdoor inside and onto the stage at Jacksons Lane. Or, in this case to be precise: off the stage, spread around the building, and then back to the main stage for the finale.

Please come, support us in this fantastic exploration and let us know what you think! Your comments and feedback as always really matter; have a cake or an apple and let us know your thoughts!”

Tickets are only £10!

To book please call the Box Office (020 8341 4421) or book online here: http://www.jacksonslane.org.uk/whats-on/event/2013/falling-up/

We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday at Jacksons Lane (269a Archway Road, London, N6 5AA)!

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