Falling Up London Premiere This Weekend!

Falling Up London Premiere This Weekend!

This weekend sees mimbre’s London Premiere of “Falling Up” at Greenwich and Docklands London Festival, in the Monument Gardens (next to Cutty Sark in central Greenwich) both Saturday and Sunday (23rd and 24th) at 2.50 and 5.45 pm.

The show has already been toured to great acclaim  to festivals in Germany and France as well as performances at Norfolk and Norwich Festival and Salisbury back in England. Above are a few pictures from one of our latest performances at the street theatre festival Detmold to tease you!

‘ Mimbre… just enchanted the audience with their ​​virtuosic and charming game with gravity and the balance of power within a group.’

(Lippische LandZeitung , 29th May 2012)

mimbre have presented many of our shows at Greenwich and Docklands Festival before and we are very happy to be back to perform there with our latest production Falling Up. As well as coming down to see us, do have a look through the excellent schedule of shows that the festival present over the next two weeks, there is too many good shows to mention all here, but I would like to particular recommend the performances of The Motorshow and Red Shoes! Have a look at the GDIF website for full programme.

And do come up to us and tell us what you thought of the new show afterwards, put a comment on this post or leave a note on mimbre’s facebook page. We do the shows for you, so it is important for us to hear what you think!


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