Family day at Milton Garden!

Family day at Milton Garden!

Last week we hosted a family and friends day with our Milton Gardens youth groups. All the children, including the little ones, showed their pals how to warm up, stretch, do flawless cart wheels, and then some serious acrobalance moves!

We were really impressed with their teaching skills and at how good they are all getting! We were also particularly impressed with the adults’ prowess on the mat! Despite the heavy panting and the occasional: “I’m too old for this!” they successfully staged 4 amazing choreographies with the older group! Videos and images to follow soon!

We love hosting open family and friends’ days, as it is important to give our young ones the opportunity to share and show what they have learned and what they are capable of.

All the happy faces at the end of the session make it extra rewarding. Very proud of everyone that took part!

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