Family Day at Milton Gardens

Family Day at Milton Gardens

Our young people are getting better and better at acrobatics and street dance and for last week we gave them the challenge to lead an open class!

Everyone (including the 4 year-olds) prepared one move to teach, be it a warm-up move, stretch or dance move and the older kids also prepared little routines. They then invited friends and family members to come along and as a collective skilfully led a whole class for the visitors. After the warm-up and dance challenges adults and kids also had the chance to do some acrobatics together – we witnessed some great intergenerational team-work, or in everyday language: people of all ages having fun together! What a great day – we were all extremely proud of our young people!

See below what some of the participants had to say:

  • “I liked very much how the kids taught the adults and they were all involved. Great work!!!”
  • “I really enjoyed today bonding more with my daughter and meeting other mums in the group. Fantastic day, looking forward to next one!”
  • “We have to do it again!!! Please!”
  • “I really enjoyed it and it was really fun!”
  • “I loved it sooooo so much!”
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