Family Fun Day – Milton Gardens Community Hall

Family Fun Day – Milton Gardens Community Hall

Over 60 people took part in a mimbre Fun Day on Tuesday the 30th of October. The youngest member was not even one yet and the oldest member preferred not to say.

Loads of people commented on how much fun they had and how lovely the atmosphere was. We ate food, created amazing bits of art on the craft table and learned acrobatics and street dance. Some adults even took up the opportunity to have a one to one session with a trainer from Xcer-fit, who calculated their BMI and created a bespoke training programme all for them.

The day promoted healthy eating to all ages, got the community to come together to celebrate exercise and being active and was a whole lot of fun.

A special thanks to Sue, Bianca, Teniola and Aleigha for helping out on the day.

Innogen Fryer

Have a look at the pictures below to get an idea of how much fun a Family Fun Day with mimbre is!!!


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