Film Makers – Pitch Us!

Film Makers – Pitch Us!

We are known for the highly visual and poetic nature of our performances and have established a visual brand in our print media and publicity images that is very successful at promoting our work. Until now we have had less success with our promotional videos and we want to change that.


We are looking to work with an individual or a team, initially on a general promotional video – but we are hoping to establish an ongoing relationship with a videographer to begin presenting a consistent and strong visual brand with all our videos in the same way that we do with our photographs and graphic design.

The initial project is to create a showreel/general promo video that gives a sense of the breadth and style of the work we create. This will be used to generally promote the company and give promoters who are considering commissioning a one-off performance by us an idea of the range of work we can offer.

We have the time and capacity to film new shots and set-ups for this project, but think it may also be beneficial to use some of our archive material. Our concern is about the integration of new and archive footage (that may be of mixed quality as it’s been filmed over a long period) and how we create a strong, contemporary visual style whilst mixing the new and old.

After this project, if successful, the ongoing work for our company would include promotional videos for new shows and keeping our general promotional video materials updated and refreshed on a semi-regular basis.

The total budget for this initial project is £5,000 to include your fees as well as the costs of the film shoot, excluding the cost of performers. We are not VAT registered so any costs should include VAT.

We are interested in proposals for this project including:

  • Whether or not you would want to work with our archive.
  • If so how you would integrate the archive footage.
  • What approach you would take with filming new material.
  • How you would integrate the existing visual brand and style from our photography and promotional materials into the video.
  • Anything else about your style, approach and what you might like do with us to to create something really special.

Please send a pitch document containing:

  • Maximum 2 sides of A4 for the main proposal.
  • A maximum of 2 additional pages of images.
  • Links to 3-5 examples of your work with brief descriptions of how you think each example is relevant to us and your ideas for this project.

You can see a lot of our images here:  mimbre.co.uk/gallery/pictures/

And a lot of our archive video footage here: vimeo.com/mimbre/videos

Please send all of this information by email to Emma Forster emma.forster@mimbre.co.uk by midday 1st July.

If you would like to discuss anything about the project before submitting your proposal you can also email emma.forster@mimbre.co.uk or call us on 0207 0961 129


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