Half Term with Mimbre

Half Term with Mimbre

Over the half term Mimbre had lots of different activities and projects taking place: Mimbre Youth (The Step Up Group) started working on the “Riot Offspring” performance with Sadler’s Wells Theatre. We also ran street dance, acrobatics and choreography workshops to 13-19 years old as part of Discover Young Hackney and five of our young people took part in the Nation Youth Circus Event with Circus Space.

Sadler’s Wells

Mimbre Youth have signed up to perform in the “Riots Offspring”.  They worked with three choreographers who taught the group some of their dance moves, played games with them and got to know them. Our young company performed well and represented themselves and Mimbre in a very good way. Those from Sadler’s Wells thought the group were really well behaved and were a talented bunch.

Over two days during half term the group got to work with:

Simeon Qsyea from the BirdGang: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7wHHjq4vW4

Mafalda Deville: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLo6GZ7PYbE

Pascal Merighi from Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gY4ivZ5zWY


Hear what the young people thought about the Riot Offspring:

Julia: When we got to the theatre we met a lady called Mafalda, who was from Portugal. She did some really fun stuff with us. She does contemporary dance. Then we met with a French man called Pascal and he also did some fun games and dances with us. We then met another choreographer called Simeon and he taught us some street dance moves (that was really fun). Even though some of it was hard I still enjoyed it.

I am really excited about next time we go and doing a performance with them.

Ravi: Me and Mimbre went to Sadler’s Wells theatre to do some dance training for our show. We played some fun games and also did some dancing. We played a really fun game where you had power in your hands and you control other people. We each took turns to control the whole group. We met three great choreographers and spent nearly a whole day with them teaching us different dance moves. I loved it!!

National Youth Circus Event

Five lucky young people got to take part in a weekend of circus activities from Chinese Pole to learning how to tight rope walk. We also got to watch a cabaret with other young circus performers, who were AMAZING and full of so much talent!!


Hear what the young people thought about the Nation Youth Circus Event:

Teniola: I took part in the National Youth Circus event. It was over two days, Saturday and Sunday.  On the Saturday Morning (10am-12pm) I took part in the Flying Trapeze session, which was my favourite part about the event. It was soooooo scary! ):

We had to stand on a high platform that was really really high and then hold on to a trapeze, which swung you across the room. My teacher made it look so easy, but when it was my turn it seemed sooooooo high and I was soooo scared. I got four turns on it and I got better and better. The first time I stepped off the platform I sunk down, but then was pulled up and carried on swinging. It was fun!!! When the session ended I wanted to do it again.

The trapeze back fired on me, as the next day my arms really hurt… but even though I was in pain I would definitely like to do it again.

Whitney: When I got to the Nation Youth Circus at Circus Space I went trapeze first and I did loads of hard things. The teacher helped me become less scared and she was so sweet. When I finished doing the trapeze I went to a voice for the circus workshop. I really enjoyed it because they were singing in my own language, which I was not expecting. We played lots of games and had lots of fun. The cabaret – wow how amazing!!


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