Interview with Yi-Chun Liu

Interview with Yi-Chun Liu

For our new production Lifted, we are working with three guest choreographers to mix our trademark acrobalance movement and techniques with new styles. This week was our first of these, and we have been having a great time experimenting with Countertechnique with Yi-Chun Liu from Peeping Tom. We caught up with her to ask her some questions about the technique, and how it can work with acrobatics.

What is Countertechnique?

Countertechnique is a dance technique and training system for dancers and all physical performers to work with, and ultimately throughout the class structure and using the exercises, to let the performers become their own teacher. To learn through practice how to make choices. To be present in the moment, to make choices, how to work with their body at that moment.

What is the most important thing to remember when learning Countertechnique?

I guess to be present, to bring yourself in that moment and to allow yourself mistakes.

Did anything surprise you about working with acrobats rather than dancers?

Not really a big surprise. What surprised me is their amazing abilities in their bodies. It’s different from working with dancers, as dancers are very quick at picking up movements. And what is interesting about space, we use space very differently as acrobats and dancers somehow.

What can acrobats take from Countertechnique?

There is something very interesting, from talking to the acrobats, they are working towards controlling, not to fall, and Countertechnique is all about falling, and we’re looking for falling horizontally. Working with the floor, the gravity, using it. So it is a very nice combination and reflection from the point of view of acrobats. It’s very inspiring.



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