Lina Johansson on taking part in Gary Clarke’s Lustrum

Lina Johansson on taking part in Gary Clarke’s Lustrum

I am working on Gary Clarke’s Lustrum this week – a project where 15 choreographers makes 5 pieces of work (a solo, duet, trio, quartet and quintet) within 5 days, using each other as performers. The piece you are a performer in is the only one you are not allowed to choreograph for, pretty much taking away devising as an option for the creation process.

It sounds like it won’t work, but it does. It has within 5 days taught me lots about working as a collective, as well as being a better leader (or choreographer). Contradictory, but true. To make the collective work each member has to be clear, precise and take responsibility for the material and choices they put forward – a good leader – at the same time as respecting other peoples ideas, opinions and choices, a good team-worker and eh, in my opinion also the qualities of a good leader. The time restrictions means that decisions have to be made fast, avoiding the lengthy, polite discussions that are normally connected with big collectives trying to reach a consensus. The work created is everyone’s, it is not your idea you’re fighting for, it is the collectives, so you have to look at everything from a bigger picture.

What gets created belongs to everyone and the process means that you are often working with an idea or material which is not yours, or you might not even like, but you have to look for ways of staying connected, invested, something you can bring to it, a way to improve it. It is chaotic and fun and inspiring and I wish our world, our society, could be a bit more like this!

Come and see the result on Friday at Greenwich Dance Agency  – full details below!


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