Acrobatics Masterclass in January

Acrobatics Masterclass in January

Last weekend (12th and 13th January) the Roundhouse (or at least its Studio Theatre) saw bodies being lifted, legs floating in the air and arm muscles being put under quite some pressure – as mimbre and our Acrobatics Masterclass participants took over the space.

We worked on dynamic partner and group work involving lifts, jumps and throws as well as inverted positions and more challenging acrobatic moves such as somersaults, banquine and tumbling. Furthermore we explored a range of specialised acrobatics and acrobalance techniques from mimbre’s repertoire of tricks, looked at creative and innovative approaches to choreographing acrobatics and worked on strategies for how to train, work and maintain your body optimally for the extreme impact of acrobatics training.

mimbre would like to thank all the participants for their input, motivation and commitment. We had a great time and hope to see them again at our next masterclass to develop their abilities and interest in acrobatics and acro-balance even further. We strongly believe that intensive training such as this over a weekend can really make a difference. And our participants agree. As one of them tweeted after the masterclass:

The @Mimbre_Acrobats workshop last w/e stretched parts of my body that I didn’t know existed! But I am a 15MillionX better flyer now! Can’t wait to try the stuff I learnt with @Mimbre_Acrobats with @FunkDaCirque in rehearsal

Below are some visual impressions of a great weekend:


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