Meet our new performers!

Meet our new performers!

We’re in the midst of the production of our new show Bench, directed by our Artistic Director Lina Johansson. a show about the everyday dance of life, our urban landscape, and a cavalcade of characters who come and go; viewed through the eyes of a woman who observes, makes friends, confronts or ignores the people who pass… occasionally turning upside down to see if the world looks better from that angle!

It is not that long now anymore until Bench’s première at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance on April 12th, so it’s time to introduce you to two lovely ladies who will join our Artistic Director Silvia Fratelli as new Mimbre performers on the show.

Alcina Mendes



Alcina began her career in Lisbon at the school of performing arts Chapito (2002-2005) and then moved to Madrid to do a specialisation of circus at the school Carampa. She spent three years in Spain where she consolidated her experience as a performer. Alcina also co-founded the Cultural Association of Woman Circus, performed in several festivals with voladas (double-trapeze act) and collaborated with many companies as a circus performer. 

In 2008 she decided to extend her skills as a creator and joined the school of physical theatre, LISPA, in London. Since then she performed for Citrus Arts which toured in Wales, Dreamthinkspeak company, presented at Somerset House, created a solo comedy trapeze act “Maria the Cleaner” and has been collaborating with Systole Theatro on the show “Tie Between” as a creator/performer. Her aim as a contemporary performer is sharing life experiences from the personal to the social through the body, in a way that everyone can feel embrace, no matter which race, culture, gender or nationality.

Rebecka - new performer in BenchRebecka Nord 

Rebecka was born in the south of Sweden and as a child she had lots of energy which was spent on climbing trees, riding the monocycle, sailing, singing and then – of course – circus. She started out doing monocycle, tight rope and acrobatics and at the age of 15 she moved to Gävle to enter the Cirkusgymnasium (Circus High School).

The circus has been her life ever since and she has learned a lot from this alternative career, most importantly she has learned to fight for what she wants to achieve. She founded the company Stint at the age of 19 and toured around the world with it, being her own writer, director, tailor, driver, scenographer and PR consultant. Recently she worked as a teacher at the circus school L’école de cirque de Bruxelles, worked as a flyer in the acrobatic duo The Walkers, as a base in Las Errantes and was touring with the European project Hip Cirq Europ’.


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