Mimbre acrobatics and movement classes at Tripspace

Mimbre acrobatics and movement classes at Tripspace

We’re returning to Tripspace in January 2023 to run a series of acrobatics and movement classes.

The classes will focus on the discipline of Acrobatic Movement and how to take a healthy approach to this intense training.

In these morning classes we will teach a range of specialised acrobatics movements and techniques from Mimbre’s repertoire of tricks and styles, including fluid movements along the floor and upside-down shapes (handstands, headstands and other figures).

Each day will start with a full physical warm-up, which will cover agility and stamina training, along with strengthening and injury prevention exercises, followed by a range of individual acrobatics and specialised acrobalance techniques from mimbre’s repertoire of tricks and styles: we’ll explore how two or more people connect physically, catching, pushing and climbing on each other to create beautiful imagery.

We will also look at creative and innovative approaches to choreographing acrobatics, building up to creating small choreographic sequences with the material learnt.

We are very inclusive and can adapt the movements to anyone’s ability. We’re very experienced in approaching physical limits (injury, disability, body type) as creative springboards instead of stopping points, using restrictions as tools to come up with new and original ways of working.

Dates: Monday 23rd – Thursday 26th January
Times: 11am – 12:30pm
Price: £6
You aren’t required to attend every day, we look forward to seeing you there!

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