Mimbre Are Auditioning

Mimbre Are Auditioning




We’re looking for acro-balance performers to come and work with the company on our new show, Bench.

We are looking for experienced, female acro-balance performers, middle and base, with a minimum of 2 years professional performing experience, to be part of our show, Bench. Touring in summer 2014 the show has a cast of three, including the Co-Artistic Director of Mimbre, Silvia Fratelli, and will be touring across the UK and Europe from Easter 2014.

The performers will also be involved in the development of our production Time and will be considered before any open audition process for a role in that production for 2015.


The role includes:

  • 5 weeks of rehearsals between January and April 2014
  • Regular training (two or three times a week outside of rehearsal time), with the company and our acrobatic coach Adrian Porter, to develop personal and group skills for the performance. As well as providing our time, space and teaching we will pay a nominal weekly fee for this training.
  • Touring with Bench throughout the spring and summer 2014 – the tour will likely be concentrated between May and September but there is the chance of some bookings in April and October.
  • Depending on the tour schedule and funding we will also use these performers during the research and development for our large scale production, Time, planned for 2015. This will involve being in the rehearsal room with the company for some periods between tour dates. This will be carefully balanced to take into account the physical demands on the performers.

Mimbre also run regular classes for young people in our home borough of Hackney and, depending on the performers experience and desire to undertake teaching, there may be the opportunity to be involved in that side of our work – this will not be a requirement of the role but an added opportunity for those with the experience and interest.

The right performer will:

  • Have strong experience in pair or group acrobatics.
  • Be very comfortable basing on shoulders and have experience in basing hand-to-hand and on feet.
  • Have experience of some dynamic group or pair acrobatics moves, i.e. pitches or supported somersaults. Any banquine experience would be a big bonus, although not crucial.
  • Have a medium to high level of individual acrobatics and movement skills.
  • Be comfortable to perform solo as well as in a group.
  • Have experience of devising physical work with a group and be happy to be part of a partly devised production.
  • Have a full clean driving license.
  • Have experience of and be willing to drive a van long distances and in Europe.
  • Be based in London or willing to relocate if they are offered the role.
  • Be happy to be on tour with a small company without a stage manager and willing to help with all-round duties outside of performing. The show will be carefully planned and designed to not require a technician on the road but this does mean performers will be responsible for the (minimal) get-in and get-out of the show on tour. Our company is experienced at touring shows without a technician.
  • Hold a valid passport and the relevant visa’s or residency status to work across the EU.

Any additional performance skill (e.g. puppetry, playing an instrument, other circus or specific dance skills) will be a bonus.

We are a family friendly company and do everything we can to support working parents and carers. We are open to talking about any specific needs the right performers may have in order to take this role. Our policy on families means there will sometimes be children on tour with the company.

If you have any questions or would like a full application pack you can email me on info@mimbre.co.uk

To apply please send your CV and a covering letter highlighting your most relevant experience, along with links to videos of your work, to info@mimbre.co.uk

The deadline for applications is 10am on 4th November. First audition will be held in London on the 14th  November. There will be an additional audition date to be held at the end of November, date to be confirmed. We will let you know by 6th November if you will be asked to the Auditions.

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