Mimbre Have Some Big Plans!

Mimbre Have Some Big Plans!

We are in the process of planning for 2015-18, and we’ve got some amazing projects in the pipeline. We wanted to let you know what we had on the cards and where there might be opportunities to work with us and make these projects happen. We’re in the process of applying to the Arts Council to remain in the National Portfolio for ’15-’18 so do let us know if any of these projects pique your interest, if you’d like to know more, or if you’d like to throw your hat in the ring and partner up for some acrobatic fun. 


This is an exciting large scale production for 2015a highly visual production, using the latest projection mapping & digital technologies, acrobatics, dance and animation to explore one of humankind’s most complex questions: “What is Time?”.

We have several partners in place for Time, including La Breche, Unit 101 at Newbury Corn Exchange and Hackney Live, but there are still opportunities for partnership on this innovative new show:

  • We are looking for performance opportunities, outdoors and in non-traditional indoor spaces.
  • We are looking for festivals and venues interested in seeing how connecting your audience to our creative process can increase their engagement. We are through to the second round for the Nesta Digital R&D Fund for an innovative programme of hyper-local audience engagement linked to performances and have opportunities for further partners to connect to that process.

Are you interested in digital technology, audience engagement or just booking a great show? Get in touch on info@mimbre.co.uk

Mimbre's HomeHome

Using different planes, walls and the furniture around, a group of acrobats transforms an ordinary home into an extraordinary space. Popping out of cupboards, balancing plates on their feet, washing up while standing on one another and sleeping on their hands, they’ll transport the audience into their ‘Little Big World’. Stories will unfold through the rooms and around the furniture, making a day like any other become an unexpected journey into the daily life of these quirky characters.

The show can be performed in any ordinary place: a flat, an office, a pub. We will work with a core group of performers but also aim to have guest performers in each place we visit, to give a local, personal touch to each show.

We are looking for partners/festivals/site specific events specialists who can support the development of this piece by:

  • Providing a suitable space to develop and perform the ideas.
  • Putting us in touch with performers, choreographers and directors who might be interested in this programme.

Are you interested in situated performance? Get in touch on info@mimbre.co.uk

Mimbre does circusMimbre Does Circus

We have been wondering for a while why there are not more contemporary circus shows (with a mix of circus skills rather than one speciality) being produced in England – to rival imported shows such as Circa from Australia, Mathurine Bolze from France, 7 Fingers from Canada, among others. These shows regularly sell out in London’s main theatres, the audience clearly wants more!

Looking ahead we’ve decided to stop wondering, find the time and do it ourselves. The time is 2017. We have a vast network of contacts with some of England’s best circus companies and performers and we have started scheming on some really exciting collaborations….

We are thinking a small, ‘big’ circus showbigger than many shows that are around at the moment, but with intimacy and extravaganza sitting hand in hand: a variety of circus skills truly fused with movement and music, a powerful ensemble made up of extraordinary individuals, strong women, graceful men, live musicians, a clown that is not quite a clown, clever contraptions and the physicality telling its own story which is allowed to grow out of the details.

A show that can transfer between big theatre stages (1000-1500 audience) for the indoor circuit and a circus big top for the outdoor festivals.

For this we need:

  • Co-producers and co-commissioners.
  • A sense of who and how many venues and festivals would be interested in booking a show like this.

Are you interested? Get in touch on info@mimbre.co.uk

  • Al Orange
    Posted at 19:20h, 05 March

    All of this is looking very exciting. Good luck with all of your plans. I love to get involved with some of them. Love ya all x

  • cecile
    Posted at 17:07h, 29 March

    Very exciting … I can’t wait !
    Good luck. x