Mimbre’s Collective Movement Festival

Mimbre’s Collective Movement Festival

Mimbre would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all those who came and supported our very first Collective Movement Festival last Saturday.

It was a huge success:

  • over 50 young people from all our youth groups came together and performed
  • there were more than 120 audience members
  • around 20 dishes of food were given to the event by parents
  • … and we think most people had a fantastic time!!!

The Collective Movement Festival was a true celebration of the young people’s hard work and commitment, so thank you very much for your contribution.

This term Mimbre’s students have focused on creativity and all the routines and tricks performed on Saturday were created by the young people themselves, so we’re very proud! Well done everybody!

Besides our young people, some of our  teachers, professional acrobats and Mimbre’s associate artists also showed off their skills. Street dance teacher Frank kicked off the festival with some free-styling,  the Strong Lady Betty Brawn amazed everybody with her astounding feats of strength and elegance (especially when she lifted two dads at the same time!) and Mimbre’s very own acrobats gave a sneak preview of Mimbre’s shows Until Now and Falling Up, which will both go on a UK and Europe-wide tour this summer.

If you didn’t get a chance to come to the festival, have a look at the pictures below to see what you have missed!

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