More from Mimbre this 2024

More from Mimbre this 2024

Mimbre are getting ready for this summer tour, with three productions on the road!

We are gearing up for rehearsals of our new outdoor production Weight and Lightness (working title). Additionally, our co-production Look Mum, No Hands! is confirmed to go out on tour again. Both productions are available for bookings from May and onwards.  
Our successful acrobatic show Lifted will also be available for bookings from March until late June, due to popular demand. 
For more information on each production, see below. 


Lifted is an outdoor production presenting a collection of funny, poetic and surprising moments, which explore in different ways what it means when one body is carried by another. Or when one person carries two people. Or when a person doesn’t want to be carried. Or when three people find the perfect balance.

“…the choreography, chemistry and cooperation between the three performers was mesmerising […] so compelling it nearly brought me to tears”

“Uniquely, beautifully, powerfully feminine and playful, just stunning”

Created in collaboration with three guest choreographers, Yi-Chun Liu (Peeping Tom), HURyCAN and Gary Clarke, this captivating performance experiments with new approaches to Mimbre’s trademark acrobatics. Lifted mixes dance, theatre and circus to celebrate the expressions and impressions that appear when three strong women move, lift and balance each other. Lifted is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Stockton International Riverside Festival.

For more information or to book Lifted, please contact joint Artistic Director Silvia Fratelli at: Silvia@mimbre.co.uk

Watch the Lifted trailer here

Weight & Lightness: A new Mimbre outdoor production!

Mimbre is thrilled to announce a new outdoor production for next year: Weight and Lightness (working title). A captivating show that explores the contrasting elements that shape the world around us – the things that weigh us down and the things that lift us up, with choreographies that touch, inspire and galvanise.

This midscale performance is responding to a sense of collective and individual exhaustion, and features three female performers using acrobatics, physical theatre and humour. Throughout the show, they attempt to shed their literal and figurative burdens, inviting the audience to participate in the experience: worries being folded away into origami boats, hopes and dreams being released on fluttering wings and acrobats supported to float above their troubles…

Weight and Lightness isn’t meant to offer solutions, but rather to put a mirror to the world we live in and the emotions we experience, to allow our audiences from all ages and backgrounds to laugh and cry and dream, and to move on a little bit lighter.
Join us for this uplifting oasis in the midst of everyday chaos. Weight and Lightness will leave you with a smile, unforgettable imagery, and plenty of food for thought long after the show is over. When times are tough, we celebrate the courage it takes to keep on going.

For more information, or to book Weight and Lightness, please contact joint Artistic Director Silvia Fratelli at: Silvia@mimbre.co.uk

Daryl & Co and Mimbre Co-production: 
Look Mum, No Hands! Back for tour bookings in 2024

After a successful 2023 touring festivals, schools and playgrounds in UK and Europe, Mimbre and Daryl & Co’s co-production Look Mum, No Hands! is returning in spring 2024, with some exciting international bookings. 

“It made me cry – very moving […] At first, they try to do everything the same, but learn to celebrate their differences.”

Look Mum, No Hands!is a family friendly show with a tender story of friendship and growth, following the journey of two friends as they test their own boundaries, exploring ideas of freedom, risk-taking and independence. Look Mum, No Hands! playfully explores the concepts of vulnerability, strength and independence, with striking physical imagery that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Risk is subjective and varies from person to person. What may seem risky to some could be comfortable for others, but taking small risks every day helps us grow until the once-risky endeavours become second nature.

“Outstanding, creative, amazing”

While the final show is suitable for all ages, it was initially inspired by working with a mixture of Disabled and non-disabled 8 – 12 year olds. The stories the young people told of becoming independent by taking small risks became the narrative, scenes and physical visual moments of Look Mum, No Hands! It has been a hit with all ages, captivating young and older audiences alike across 28 festivals, as well as numerous schools and libraries. We are now ready to take this show to your event in 2024!

For more information, click here. To book Look Mum, No Hands!, please contact us at: info@mimbre.co.uk

Watch the Look Mum, No Hands trailer here .

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