More news from our youth group participants!

More news from our youth group participants!

Teniola – 10 years old

My name is Teniola.

I am 10 years old and I have been in mimbre for 4 years since I was 6. It has been very fun and has taught me amazing skills since I first started. I have also taken part in the Step-Up group for 1 year. Both groups have helped me with confidence when performing and made me a better street dancer and acrobat.

Loads of people from my school go to the groups so it feels like it’s one big family.

The teachers for the groups I go to are: Lina, Natasha, Frank, and our assistant/ education officer Inni.

I really like taking part in mimbre because it’s exciting, it teaches me new things and its REALLY fun.


Aleigha – 10 years old

I’ve been doing acrobatics and street dance for four years now.

Luckily I have been chosen to do the Step-Up group for a second time now, which means I do two classes a week with mimbre. In the classes we have been learning different dance routines and in acrobatics we have been working on stretching ourselves for cool moves like flips. By doing these classes I will hopefully learn new dance moves and front flips and back flips.

Follow our blog weekly to see how we progress.


Below is Aleigha’s idea for a mimbre youth logo. We really like it, what do you think?!



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