Movement and Pregnancy

Movement and Pregnancy

A month ago acrobat and Mimbre founder, Silvia Fratelli put a call out for pregnant performers (acrobats, aerialists, jugglers, dancers, movers) who were interested in taking part in a small video project about the pregnant body in motion.

The plan was to create a series of short clips to celebrate the beauty and realities of a woman’s ever changing pregnant body whilst in movement. The project is not about showing off what they may be able to do as physical pregnant performers, but about reclaiming ownership of their bodies and making a statement about being fully capable to choose and decide what’s safe and comfortable to do with THEIR BODIES.

‘’The female body is a political statement in itself and will perhaps always come with historical baggage’’ (Poppy Burton-Morgan, A New Era for Women in Circus): historically women have been told what they should or shouldn’t do with their bodies, what to show and what not to show and recently some female athletes have been criticised for the physical choices they’ve made whilst pregnant, but most likely these reactions have more to do with gender roles than any scientific evidence about the health of mother and baby.

This video project is to celebrate the female body, in its many forms and transformations.  You can see more images on the blog of acrobat Rebecka Nord here.

The day of shooting was amazing, as you can see some from one of the pictures below.  We cannot wait to present to you Arthur Le FOL’s video very soon.


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