New mimbre videos online!

New mimbre videos online!

We have been very busy over the summer with our latest show “Falling Up” touring across the UK and Europe as well as with our education programme culminating in a tour of our Step-Up group, the most dedicated and committed participants across all our classes for young people. We are very proud of our achievements in both our professional and our participatory projects and thank everybody who supported our work along the way.

Below are two videos that give you a sense of our work… let yourself first become entangled in the beautiful universe of “Falling Up” and be then inspired by the dedication and pride of our Step-Up group in developing their own show “Origin: London”.


“Falling up” by mimbre from Mimbre on Vimeo.


“Origin: London” by mimbre’s Step-Up group:

Origin : London from Mimbre on Vimeo.

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