New updates!

New updates!

We know that we have been away for a long time! But so much happened! We moved offices, we went for a residency at La Breche, Lina went off to work on Orfeo (you can read the brilliant reviews here and here), Silvia is planning a symposium, we wrote a new business plan, we are moving again, devised a new acrobatic installation! (all of which will soon get their own post!)

We also have been planning a brilliant collaboration between our youth company MYC, and the amazing young people that bring the Roundhouse to life! We can’t reveal it all right now, but the project will bring our little ones (7-12 year olds) with the Roundhouse’s dancers and music group (16-25)! We had our first rehearsal yesterday and the encounter was amazing!

Lina and Xavi – the roundhouse’s choreographer – were worried that the age gap would clash, but last night proved them wrong; everyone was having a blast! We started the session with some brief introductions and discussion on the project, then the group did some name games and played the crowd pleasing game SPLAT, with a dramatic SPLAToff at the end!

Then the real fun began, after a warm up by Xavi, the group was divided in two and started a dance off! Lina devised a special twist to the game Grandma’s footsteps: all the players had to carry someone, be carried, and perform a handstand before reaching the end! The game was accompanied by music from our young musicians, who took the role of the nan! At the end of the session, the participants were paired with someone they did not know from before and worked on a short choreography to incorporate dance and acrobatics. The result was really great and striking to watch, there is so much potential to explore between the different sizes, abilities, and expertise.  Lina asked our participants to write down one thing they could communicate to the world through the show, and the answers we were touching. Here’s a small sample:

” We are awesome”

“If you have a dream follow it! :)”

“Education is not a privilege, cut the fees”

“Live life forever”

“With the right support and facilities, us youngens can do anything We are the future and we know it!! 🙂 !!”

“For one day, let’s forget about materialities, let’s remember the feeling”

Lina and Xavi did such a good job planning a session that put everyone at ease, and brought out the best in them. I really cannot wait to see what these guys come up with! Do keep an eye on this space for more updates!







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