News from our acrobatics youth group at Hindle House

News from our acrobatics youth group at Hindle House

Julia aged 10

(Project Assistant for Hindle House Group aged 4-7 years old)

Things I like to do:

  • Gymnastics
  • Street Dance
  • Art
  • Using my imagination
  • And lots of other fun stuff


I really love the acrobatics class and my Step Up group. If I was an assistant in the different classes I would really enjoy this because I love to meet different people and participate in lots of things.

Another thing is that it would be a pleasure for me. It would be an enormous challenge for me because I will start to help with the lessons like doing the register, helping making a snack and helping children do warm ups.

I always wanted to be a TA (Teaching Assistant) because it’s lots of fun, but it is a big responsibility too. A chance like this is like a dream. Sometimes I even try to be a teacher to my little sister, Natalia, but now there are 10 times as many children – WOW!


An extremely hurtful thing happened a week ago. Innie fell off her bike and… she can’t smile – what a disaster. She is ok though.


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