Our classes for young people have started again!

Our classes for young people have started again!

Hiya all,

I’m Innie, the Education Officer here at mimbre. Welcome to our new weekly education programme update on our blog!

This term has started off in a really exciting way. A lot of old faces have returned again for our acrobatics and street dance classes, which is fantastic news, but just as important we have had a lot of new members join the mimbre family. Welcome! All the workshops are becoming quickly filled up with talented young people which we are very proud of.

Talking about talented: We have just had the auditions for our Step-Up group 2013, the most talented and dedicated participants across all our classes for young people. All those who tried out for the group were amazing and worked really well as a team, which is what we wanted to see, so well done. I am so excited to see them develop more acrobatic skills over the term.

Read about what some of the participants from our Hindle House group have to say about our classes:

Felicia – 13 years old
Project Assistant for Hindle House

What I do: I help out the children in the Hindle House group aged 8-13 years old. I do the register, help them if they are having trouble with the acrobatics or the street dance. I also help Innie with the fruit. It’s mainly like I am taking Innie’s job.

What I think about the workshops: mimbre’s workshops are very good. It does not just help children to learn how to dance and do acrobatics, but it also helps them build up their confidence and I think it is vital for children to be confident about themselves and performing in front of other people. That was one of my problems: I wasn’t very confident, but coming to mimbre has really helped me to be confident. Also I have become a better street dancer and I am better at acrobatics and that’s thanks to mimbre.

Kiki – 11 years old
Participant of 3 years from our Hindle House youth group

I like coming to mimbre:

• To get stronger
• So I don’t get lazy
• To show off my moves and what I can do
• To get more flexible
• To learn new dance moves
• So I’m more active
• It’s really FUN!!!

Nicholas – 9 years old
Participant from our Milton Gardens youth group

I really enjoy mimbre because it’s fun and it’s where all my friends and I do exciting stuff like acrobatics and street dance. There can be funny parts in mimbre… so if someone falls on a weird part of their body it can be quite funny. Today we have done some dancing and some acrobatics and stretching. It’s a great club because it’s always fun and you learn new cool things: head stands and flips.

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