Pitch for our microsite

Pitch for our microsite

Mimbre is a female-led acrobatic theatre company. We make contemporary circus shows that fuse narrative with breathtaking movement.

We are currently working on our new production: The Exploded Circus, an all-female contemporary circus production that uses the scene of a devastated circus and its performers as an allegory to explore themes around change, belonging and hope.


We are looking to work with an individual or a team on creating a microsite that will be used as an extension of the show’s universe. It will allow us to promote the show and give users a more deep engagement with our company, what we do, and the creative process. It will therefore host our marketing and promotional material ie show & rehearsal images, behind the scenes footage, video promos etc.. It will also contain our tour schedule, additional information about the show and cast, and quotes and reviews. Ideally, we would also like for the microsite to have (a small) interactive feature, where users can respond to our creative process and engage further with The Exploded world.

Visually, the mircosite should act as an extension of the show’s world.

The microsite needs to be managed by our team (we use wordpress for our main website but can manage other similar platforms). We should be able to upload content to the site regularly and easily without the designer’s help/input. We should be able to track and monitor traffic to the website, as well as, views/hits on specific pages and material. The mircosite will need to be compatible with desktops, tablets and phone displays.


The total budget for this project is £2,000 to include your fees, as well as, site hosting, maintaining & troubleshooting the site for the first three months. We are not VAT registered, so any costs should include VAT.

We have already bought a domain name.  

If you would like to work with us, please send a pitch document containing:

  • A short proposal (1 page max) detailing the concept, feel, style for the microsite
  • Images/mood board to support your proposal (Maximum 2 sides of A4)
  • 1 – 6 links to works/websites examples that can illustrate your proposal
  • Your portfolio/website or links to websites you have created
  • CV
  • Timeline proposed for project

Please send all this information by email to Jana Jammal on jana@mimbre.co.uk by the 31st January. Please note that we are looking to launch the website by early to mid March at the latest. We have already created copy and content for the website, and will be creating more as we go along. 

If you would like to discuss the project further before submitting your proposal, you can also email Jana on jana@mimbre.co.uk with questions or call us on 0207 6131068.


For more info on mimbre please visit: https://mimbre.co.uk/

For more info on the show please visit:  https://mimbre.co.uk/portfolio_page/exploded-circus/

For more image and info on the style of the show please download this dropbox: 


This is our designer’s pintrest board: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/LorenElstein/exploding-circus

Image credit: Photo by Eric Richmond, Design by Jamie Currey at longarm.co.uk 



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