Production Manager/Technician

Production Manager/Technician

A Room Of Her Own is a collaboration between Eva Auster as a projection artist and Mimbre as a circus company specialising in Acrobatics.

‘A Room of Her Own is a mesmerising, timeless digital installation animated with live acrobatic performance – where ideas and thoughts are floating through a room together with their creator. The installation is playing with the ephemeral nature of inspiration in the moments before it is captured in words: a contented world of creativity, where solace is found in the company of ideas. Inspired by poets and writers across the ages, the piece is also a comment on the persistent lack and recognition of female writers, particularly in theatre. 

“There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.” Virginia Woolf

The project was developed as part of an R&D and has now been commissioned by the South Bank Centre to be part of the Women of The World Festival.

The performance and projection all occurs within a scaffolding cube (The Room). The aim is to make the structure technically self-contained, so the projectors, computers and other gear will all be mounted on the structure.

The performance essentially has two “modes” pure installation mode when the empty room is created using just projections, and performance mode where the room will be inhabited by three performers. Both the sound and the projections will be set up to run without queues once the start of each mode is triggered.

We are looking for someone who has experience of working with projectors and sound who can:

– Technically work on the plans for the cube to set up the computers and sound

– Plan the technical aspects of the show so it will work at the Southbank and in other spaces.

– Be on hand to help Loren (the Designer) and Eva in the week leading up to the performance whilst we’re in rehearsals and on the performance days to run the show.

The rehearsals are 2nd-5th March at the Southbank Centre with performances 6-8th March.

Contact info@mimbre.co.uk with your CV for more information by 12pm on 18th Feb.

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