Read Silvia’s story

Read Silvia’s story

Our joint-artistic director, Silvia Fratelli is featured in ISAN’s member spotlight column. Here’s a little snippet, click on the link for the whole story.

ISAN:What’s the best artistic advice you’ve been given?

SF:I grew up in a fairly conventional Italian family, but my mum was quite forward thinking and a very positive female role model for me. After finishing high school I was in a big dilemma whether to go directly to university, as everyone my age was expected to do. She suggested I should go away for a while and travel, maybe I’d find what I really want to do. Well, I did and never looked back and till today I keep reminding myself of her advice: ‘’Just do what you love, not what other people expect from you’’.

ISAN: Describe a current project or future piece of work that you’re really excited about.

SF: I’m excited about our new show If I Could I Would. It just premièred in Germany and it feels in a great place to keep growing ad flourishing right now.

It follows the day of an everyday woman and it plays with the superhuman efforts she needs to deal with the demands of everyday life.

Here’s a lovely take on it from Lucy Loves Circus’s blog: ‘’a heart-warming testimony to female resilience, emotional as much as physical, and to the efforts of all super women out there supporting each other’’.

We had lots of women coming up to us after the show, saying they could totally identify with the story, that made me really happy!

The show is on tour at the moment and will première in London at GDIF 25-26 June 2016.

You can read Silvia’s full interview here.

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