Review – Falling Up at Jacksons Lane

Review – Falling Up at Jacksons Lane

Mimbre presents Falling Up

Thanks a lot to all of you who came last Wednesday to Jacksons Lane to see our special indoors version of Falling Up! We had a fantastic time performing at the unique setting of Jacksons Lane and also really enjoyed creating this unique piece!

We are also very happy about the wonderful feedback we got from audience members and critics alike!

“Possibly the most relevant and perfect choice for a venue ever made, Falling Up’s adventure tour of experiences slots perfectly into Jackson Lane’s winding winding rooms and secret doors. […] For such a small cast, Mimbre manage to entertain and wow the crowd throughout the show, mixing audience interaction (such as flower throwing and a little audience aerobics) with a traditional routine performance. An easily transportable show with great development potential, this company and cast will fit well into any big or small performance space, making their show both enjoyable and highly flexible.”

To read the full review by Helen Whitcher please go here.

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