Reviews from Garsington Opera’s Rusalka – Lina is Circus Choreographer on the opera

Reviews from Garsington Opera’s Rusalka – Lina is Circus Choreographer on the opera

Wonderful reviews of Garsington Opera’s Rusalka! Mimbre’s joint Artistic Director, Lina Johansson, worked on Rusalka as its circus choreographer, bringing in the stunning visuals and strength of acrobatics and aerials!

Rusalka by Dvořàk; Garsington Opera, 16 June 2022 Rusalkacredit: Clive Barda

Read from some of the reviews:
Five stars from The Stage: “His [dir. Jack Furness] approach focuses on the essentials of narrative, character and situation. With the assistance of circus choreographer Lina Johansson and her team of aerialists and acrobats, plus Fleur Darkin’s choreography and some extraordinary work from the three mellifluous wood-nymphs – Marlena Devoe, Heather Lowe and Stephanie Wake-Edwards – the audience is transported to a supernatural realm.” George Hall
Read the full article: https://www.thestage.co.uk/reviews/rusalka-garsington-opera-antonin-dvorak-douglas-boyd-natalya-romaniw-review

Five stars from Bachtrack: “Ropes dangle from the ceiling, initially used by nymphs for wild and joyous dances (spectacularly created by circus choreographer Lina Johansson, they amp up the ‘wow factor’).” Dominic Lowe

Read the full article:

Four stars from The Telegraph: “However much Rusalka is a warning in the guise of a fairy tale, Furness still favours clear story-telling over the psychologically penetrating insights of some past productions. There is a fair amount of spectacle thanks to the choreographers Fleur Darkin and Lina Johansson, and the family of Rusalka’s wood-nymph sisters is expanded into a troupe of trapeze artists.” John Allison
Read the full article:https://www.telegraph.co.uk/opera/what-to-see/rusalka-garsington-opera-review-natural-beauty-heart-steel/

From the Opera Scene: “The iron gantries allow for Furness to employ aerial rope dancers to be all manner of gyrating sprites interacting with the three nymphs sung by Marlena Devoe, Heather Lowe and Stephanie Wake-Edwards who, Rhine maiden-like, are the first to be heard in the opera, and reappear as the story unfolds. Choreographer Fleur Darkin and circus choreographer Lina Johansson create an enchanting lively, free-spirited spectacle that contrasts with the staid, formal inhabitants of the Prince’s palace.” Mike Smith

Read the full article: https://operascene.co.uk/reviews/a-mesmerising-rusalka-at-garsington-opera/

Shout out to the talented aerialists and acrobats on this: Sophie Earl, Lauren Jamieson, Victoria McManus. Sophie Northmore, Helen Parke and Lisa Whitmore

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