You might have seen the text below being shared across social media platforms,
we wanted to share these words here too so they don’t just live on the rapid feeds of our socials, easily missed or forgotten:

Sometimes it can feel as if #metoo never happened.

There are still some men within the UK circus world, who, despite repeated allegations of harassment, abuse, malpractice and bullying keep working among us.

It’s therefore crucially important to support each other and the circus community to recognise and speak out against and about sexual harassment to help keep others safe. As many people are heading up to the Edinburgh festival, Stellar Quines page below is a great resource, with easy to read information about what counts as sexual harassment, help and advice if it happens to you, how to support and interventions if you see it happening to someone else as well as signposting to further support and helplines.

One of the best tools we have is to talk to each other. If you feel uneasy about someone you work with, check in with other performers who have worked with them before. Or use any of below links to talk to someone.

Warn new people of predators or people accused of repeat, manipulative and exploitative behaviour. Women, the LGBTQI+ community and other marginalised people have always used the grapevine to warn and keep each other safe, let’s not underestimate the power of this.

Also, don’t be a bystander. If you hear or see inappropriate comments or behaviour by someone else, speak up when you feel safe and comfortable to do so or bring it to someone else you feel could. You can do this both privately and publicly.

Change is slow, but there are a lot of us, of all genders, who wants our world and or sector to be better. And together we are strong.

Full resource page:
Emotional Support/Advice & Community Spaces :

Theatre Helpline.org (24hr)
Tel: 0800 915 4617
The Theatre Helpline is a free, independent and confidential phone and email service that provides support to people working in the theatre industry. Please note this support is provided by a generic service who will likely not have theatre-specific knowledge.

Rape Crisis Scotland Helpline
Tel: 08088 01 03 02
Text: 07537 410 027

Rape Crisis England and Wales
Call 0808 802 9999 or chat to us online.
The helpline operates 5pm–midnight and is free to call. Emotional support for survivors (all genders) of any form of sexual violence including sexual harassment. Friends and colleagues worried about someone can also use the helpline. Support available via text and e-mail too.

The union is there to help you, see this page to find the best contact:

LBGT+Support for LGBTQ+ people who have experienced abuse and violence

LGBT+ Hate Crime Helpline
020 7704 2040

Specialised support for people of colour:

Ask Colleen (Speak Out Revolution)
Colleen volunteers her time for Speak Out Revolution.
She provides a listening ear for those struggling in a toxic workplace and unsure what to do next. She can be contacted via an on-line form.

Amina (Muslim Women’s Resource Centre)
Amina can offer a culturally-sensitive listening ear through their helpline and have an excellent self-care resource.

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