Slow Thinking session: tools and strategies to look after performers and creatives

Slow Thinking session: tools and strategies to look after performers and creatives

Join Upswing Aerial and us as we co-host a conversation around tools and strategies to look after performers’ and creatives’ mental health in the rehearsal process.

Make sure to put Tuesday 1st March 11am-1pm into your diary and register for your ticket on Eventbrite.

Looking after performers’ and creatives’ mental health feels more important now than ever. Mimbre and Upswing have come together to organise a Slow Thinking session specifically aimed at circus artists, creatives, directors and producers, in order to share concrete tools and strategies to build a supportive and caring rehearsal and creation process.

Three speakers – Farrell Cox, Molly Nicholson and Søren Nielsen and Daniela Essart – will each do a short presentation sharing their practices and tools from specific projects. They will cover different points of views as artists and producers, as well as in some cases drawing from their experiences working with young people. This will be followed by space for a Q&A and an open discussion for others to share their approaches and reflections.

Upswing’s Slow Thinking is a series of collective, online conversations that respond to, and are driven by, the needs of the circus sector. These conversations are free to attend and serve as an open space for individuals working in the circus sector – freelance artists, educators, producers, directors and technicians – as well as circus organisations.

Who’s it for?

Individuals working in the circus sector – freelance artists, educators, producers, directors and technicians, and those who work within circus organisations;
Those who programme circus as part of wider public performance programmes – either online or live
Click here for more information and for and recordings of previous sessions.

Join to hear from:

Farrell Cox

Farrell Cox, a black British physical actor, aerialist and theatre maker. Performing nationally and internationally Farrell has worked as a performer and deviser. with lived experience of mental health. I’m passionate about using physical theatre and circus to tell important & untold stories breaking down taboos around difficult subjects.

As a performer Farrell uses versatility as a dancer, clown and aerialist to captivate the audience. Bringing lightness and humour into her work and enthusiasm to explore a variety of narratives using physical theatre. Farrell’s aim is always to tell the truth within a narrative, not shy away from the harrowing parts but allow the lightness and humour to be brought forward. Creating performance excites her as a form of representation to encourage others and is very passionate about access and wellbeing for audiences and creative teams.

“Farrell Cox dives, jives and flies precariously through an emotional landscape of mental health issues…Her versatility as a dancer, acrobat and aerialist transports her to many different physical planes: submerged in a bath, cavorting around its edges or propelled skywards on her trapeze. A thrillingly expressive performer, Cox captivates us in her action and word”

Website: https://www.farrellcox.com
Instagram: @farrell.c

Molly Nicholson

Molly Nicholson is the co-founder of Scottee & Friends LTD.

Scottee & Friends work is political, provocative and participant led – we create cabaret, circus, drag, live art, dance and theatre shows, national tours and international projects all which empowers, advocates and supports marginalised communities, specifically those who experience ostracisation because of their class, gender, sexuality, bmi or mental health.

As a producer Molly has worked, in the majority across, the theatre, queer, socially activist & circus arts sectors since 2010.

She has worked as producer and programmer with organisations such as Crying Out Loud, Museum of London and Roundhouse. Between 2017-2018 Molly was the circus producer at the Roundhouse leading on programming and delivery for their large scale multi-venue festival CircusFest

Website: www.scottee.co.uk

Søren Nielsen and Daniela Essart of Scarabeus Aerial Theatre

Scarabeus Aerial Theatre has created for over 30 years visually arresting and transformative performances. Our work merges aerial skills with visual theatre and choreographed movement in site-specific, immersive and touring performances.

We conjure into existence thought provoking, unforgettable productions and participation projects dealing with contemporary narratives, aimed at awakening empathy and ethical consciousness in our wide range of audiences.

Daniela Essart I am the co-founder and artistic director of Scarabeus Aerial Theatre. I’m responsible for the company’s overall strategic vision and the creation of all our projects from hatching ideas, through fearless research and collaboration, to making and presenting the work. I believe in the transformative power of the arts, in creating experiences that endure in the collective imagination and promote a sense of belonging.

Søren Nielsen I am the co-founder and executive director of Scarabeus Aerial Theatre. I deal with the production side of our aerial performances, designing and supervising all the rigging aspects. This has involved site specific shows in locations such as modern and historical buildings, trees, tall ships and even a disused satellite dish. This has called upon creativity and inventiveness. I am passionate about circus and flight and believe that art should be available to everybody.

Website: www.scarabeus.co.uk
Instagram: @scarabeusaerial

About Slow Thinking:

Upswing’s Slow Thinking is a series of collective, online conversations that respond to the needs of the circus sector. We are inviting circus artists, practitioners and programmers to join and discuss topics that we, as a sector, feel preoccupied with at this time.

Important Information:

This online event will take place on Zoom and may include screen-sharing for audio/visual content.

Access: Upswing ensures access provision across all of our online programmes – please provide details of your requirements in the sign up form.

Upswing is evaluating this session as part of the wider Slow Thinking programme and we’d like you to help by completing the demographic information on the booking form.

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