Falling Up Sneak Peek

Falling Up Sneak Peek

A little glimpse into the first few weeks of development for our new show.

We have just finished our first two development weeks of Falling Up, which have gone really well and I am very excited about where we are at and the possibilities of where it will go.
We have created a small edit with some footage from these rehearsal. The footage you see is not directly representative of scenes for the final show – it is all material which will feed into and influence the creation of the characters and the show, but some of it just existed for the brief moment of our creation process.

The focus of these first two weeks has been to explore the subject matter of our bodies – physically and intellectually, creating small sketches both around the serious and the absurd. We have focused mainly on individual material on which we can build characters –so that each performer can find their own personae and the thread of their story – to have a foundation from which to then connect with the other performers. Being a mimbre show of course the next step will be to connect the performers – physically and emotionally and to start work on group choreographies and acrobatic constellations (some of which you can view the technical training of on the videos).
With the final show I am aiming for a journey from the personal and intimate to the superhuman and spectacular. Each performer will start with their own smaller audience group, then the performers and audiences join together as the show unfolds and the acrobatic display grows.
Don’t watch the video and try to pre-empt the final performance, but enjoy it as a sneeky peek into our rehearsals and creation process! We will keep you updated on our process and there will be chances to come in for sharings and previews. The final show will be premiered in April 2012, make sure you are on our mailing list to be kept updated about this and about tourdates for next summer.
Lina Johansson, Director of Falling Up

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