Superbuffo award

Superbuffo award

Last year Mimbre was given the Superbuffo award, an award created by comedian and artist Tony Caradonna in 2005. It’s now grown to be the biggest honour you can get within the outdoor arts. Last year, we were handed the award (which is a lovely ring in a little trophy box) by Julia von Wild & Kathrin Bahr von from Zweifellos.net. We have loved showing it off but it is now time for us to pass it on to another superhero from the outdoor arts sector.

While we were at this year’s ISAN conference: Making Waves, Lina Johansson awarded the Superbuffo to none-other than ISAN director Angus McKechnie.

Here’s a little excerpt from Lina’s speech and you can find the video on our facebook page.

 “The brief is: the ring is intended to decorate artists or organisers who have been shown to be non-competitive, co-operative, show uniqueness in their work and conquer audiences with wit and joyful play or the dedication to organise events in public spaces.

Now we had a discussion in the Mimbre world about this, who to pass it on to, and there are many people who have inspired us, who we admire, who have supported us. But this year we were really clear in who we thought should have it. We were passed the award by Kathrin Bahr and Julia von Wild, who upheld the tradition of passing it from artist to programmers, programmers to artist,  and so on. So we decided to hand it on to Angus McKechnie.

Angus has been such an amazing supporter of Mimbre, of myself, of our work, not only yes as a programmer but more so as a Board member and as a critical friend. He is someone who always takes time for the artistic discussions […], and to support and to challenge us in our artistic journey. As a Londoner I loved the work he did at Watch This Space and I really miss it, I really miss it in the cultural landscape, the way you pushed the state of outdoor arts there, but most of all just the turnaround you’ve done for ISAN.  I think you all agree, it’s turned into a place where we can find equality between programmers and artists. It’s become a really relevant organisation which has changed the face of outdoor arts. As a person immersed in the outdoor world, I just want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you!”

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