Support Mimbre Youth – let the summer begin!

Support Mimbre Youth – let the summer begin!

Let the Mimbre Summer begin!

Help to support our youth programme to be fully rebuilt now that we can be in-person again, allowing young people access to fun physical skills, inspiring creative activities and the feeling of community!

Mimbre has been running a youth programme of acrobatics and street-dance classes on housing estates in Hackney since 2008. We welcome everyone regardless of income, previous experience or physical ability. Through the programme we have forged lasting relationships and built a strong community of young people, parents and local residents.

“I never have to coax her to go, or encourage her not to miss a session, which is remarkable in itself, and even more so given that she is now a teenager. I’ve observed that in Mimbre sessions there is a strong ethos of positive encouragement, nurturing, and acceptance of all kids. There is no pressure, no atmosphere of competition, zero emphasis on appearance, no gender specific expectations, and no hierarchy of ability. All of which brings out the very best in the children and young people attending the sessions. I’ve seen my daughter blossom, through going to these sessions, which she has attended since she was 7 years old!”

Parent 2022

Our classes are more than just a place to learn dance and acrobatics, they’re a place where young people build their confidence, learn how to work with others and explore their creativity.

“The whole Mimbre ethos has taught her valuable lessons about community, working as a team and the importance of trying hard to improve skills. She has Anxiety and I feel that these classes have reduced the impact that has on her. I cannot praise Mimbre enough!”

Parent 2019

Throughout the pandemic we kept adapting the programme to the ever-changing circumstances so we could support our participants through lockdowns and restrictions: from online sessions and a YouTube library, to outdoor classes in local parks and a creative hybrid project combining physical skills and film. Since autumn 2021 we have been running in person classes again, but in a reduced format. We are now asking for your help to build up to full capacity again and to make sure that no child gets turned away.

“I am really grateful for the services Mimbre provides. My child would not have been able to take part if not for the concessions for low income – this is great for so many local families.”

Parent 2022

We really want to keep our classes open to everyone, so families pay according to what they can afford. Typically 60-65% of places are subsidised each term for low-income families, but that number grew to 77% in autumn 2021. This shows that the demand for these accessible spaces on the programme is rising and your support would help to keep them available to everyone who needs them.

“To have something in Hackney that not only FEELS accessible but IS accessible is so amazing. My daughter loves the club / activity. it is actually the ONLY activity she does not moan about coming to!”

Parent 2021

One of Mimbre’s core values is that no young person should be turned away from the programme due to financial constraints. However, we do not currently have enough funding to cover the increased need for subsidised places if we run a summer term, and we are asking for your support to be able to continue without a break and without turning any families away.

“It has helped her confidence, concentration and sociability and helping her body confidence. She is 10, so she is experiencing some pre-teenage body consciousness and general self-consciousness. I think these classes are especially great because they are empowering and show positive role models of strong woman and don’t gender stereotype.”

Parent 2019

Through these really turbulent times, we believe young people need continuity and community, now more than ever. We want young people to feel like Mimbre’s classes are a safe space for them to come and take risks, to experiment with new skills and to make new friends. And in order to make sure we are able to continue offering everyone a space, we need your support.

“I love it! It’s great and it teaches you how to put your feet on your head.”

Participant, age 5

What We Need

We have a fundraising target of £2,000, which would mean we could run a summer term with three different age groups again, for children as young as 5 and up to 14 years old, with subsidised places for low-income families. Any surplus from this campaign will feed straight into our autumn and winter classes.

What does your support do:

+ £4 subsidises a class for a young person from a low-income family
+ £8 provides a full bursary place for a disadvantaged participant
+ £20 provides snacks for an end of term community celebration
+ £30 pays for a teaching assistant providing extra learning support
+ £40 subsidises a full term for a young person from a low-income family
+ £80 provides a full term bursary place for a disadvantaged participant
+ £600 pays for the hall we use for the whole term.

Whatever you can give, every little helps for us to reach and teach more young people! All your donations will be spent on the direct costs of the programme including flyers, hall hire, marketing, teacher fees and the project manager salary.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot give money, but would still like to support us, help us spread the word by sharing this campaign on social media and with friends.

Mimbre is a charity and we would also welcome support through companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, payroll giving or sponsorship.

You can also use Give As You Live to give money to Mimbre for free every time you shop. Find out more here.

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