Touring Lifted last year

Touring Lifted last year

Silvia Fratelli, one of the Lifted performers and the joint Artistic Directors of Mimbre reflects on touring our outdoor production Lifted in 2021:

“After a year of not being able to tour and perform in front of a live audience (with the
exception of GDIF in September 2020), it was such a joy to be back on the road and to
travel from festival to festival to share our show Lifted. The themes of the show seemed
even more poignant this year: support, human connections, collaboration and lifting each
other up. There seemed to be a big craving to watch live performances again and to be able to share outdoor spaces together again!

“We shared many beautiful moments with the audience: during our first show of the tour
at The Lowry in Salford a woman told us how much she was moved by it and that seeing
the performers working physically together throughout the performance made her well up…

“Another memorable moment was in Milton Keynes International Festival: a scorching
weekend of temperatures above 30 degrees, making it on the limit for us to perform the
show safely. But as we walked out of the dressing rooms thinking of having to announce
a cancellation, a big, eager audience was sitting on the grass, sun umbrellas and water
bottles at hand, waiting for the show to start…their energy lifted us so much that we
decided to go on with some minor adaptations (and a couple of buckets full of ice to cool
us down) and they absolutely loved it…think we got a standing ovation for that one!”

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