Transformers Grant comes to an end

Transformers Grant comes to an end

Between September 2011 and December 2012 our education programme has been made possible by the generous support of the Transformers Grant Programme and Southern Housing Group. Now the Transformers grant has come to an end, we’d like to thanks our funders for their support. Together we have achieved the following:

We ran 189 workshops encouraging physical and creative involvement, including 170 weekly street dance and acrobatics classes, and 19 taster sessions and family fun days.

In total 495 people participated in one of our activities and 133 young people came to sessions on a regular basis

16 participants took part in the Step-Up group and created ‘Origin: London’, which was performed at 5 different events as part of the Cultural Olympiad and was seen by approximately 7000 audience members.

  • 97% of participants said they enjoyed taking part
  • 87% of parents thought that their child’s health improved as a result of taking part.
  • 80% of parents thought that their child’s confidence improved as a result of taking part
  • 88% of young people said they had created new friendships or connections through the project.
  • 85% of parents thought that the project was a good thing for the community and 82% stated that they would be more willing to take part in other activities in the local area.


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The Transformer grant helped to improve the skills, health and confidence of participants, to encourage stronger communities and to build a positive image of Hackney. Here’s what some of our participants have said:


Skills, health and confidence

I have learned how to stay still when I hand stand. Some of the things are quite complicated, other things are easy. I come because one day I’ll become better.” Young participant

My daughter is proud and extremely happy at what she has achieved and I feel that every child should feel that way” Parent

“My child tries new things more willingly since she started” Parent

Watching your child’s skills and confidence grow is a wonderful feeling.” Parent

It’s brilliant, people are great and really care about the kids’ development.” Parent


Stronger communities

It’s a great way of bringing the community together whilst promoting creativity, self-expression and fitness!” Parent

Great opportunity to get engaged with the community. Being part of a group with common purpose, learn new skills, socialise, and most important get the kids involved giving them a sense of accomplishment. Well done!” Parent

In many ways what makes this project really great is all the parents and families that are involved providing all the food next door – it means you can tell this is a community project really working…. rather than parents just dropping their kids of at the door.” Gary from Chat’s Palace at premiere of ‘Origin:London’.

Teniola, age 10, who has been a long-term member of mimbre’s acrobatic youth groups,  describes mimbre as one big family. She is part of the Step Up group and has now taken on the role of Assistant Teacher for one of the younger groups. “I think mimbre is amazing.  Without it I would have nothing to do in the evening and I wouldn’t know how to do acrobatic moves and wouldn’t meet great people all the time.”



It was truly beautiful to see the estate so alive and all the people having fun and being together.” Participant at Big Dance Day at Kennaway Estate

Keep it going – Hackney young people need initiatives like this one.” Parent


To get a full flavour of our work, please take a couple of moments to watch the Step Up group in action:

Origin : London from Mimbre on Vimeo.


The programme was inspired by the Olympic values of respect, friendship and equality, and offered local people the chance to feel connected to the games and their mission. 

We have built strong relationships with many families on the estates where we work, and have been told by so many individuals how much they want the classes to continue. However in order to keep the classes running we need your help! To support our programme donate now or contact us for more info on how you can help.


Mimbre has been awarded a Transformers grant, funded by The National Lottery, through the Olympic Lottery Distributor, and managed by East London Business Alliance.


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