We have the best audiences ever!

We have the best audiences ever!

Time flies – we are now more than half-way through this summer’s tour of our new show “Falling Up”!

The weather hasn’t always been the best and so some performances unfortunately needed to be cancelled at the last minute… but we still had a great time over the past few weeks and are very proud of Falling Up’s success and reception! We got amazing feedback and lots of lovely comments from you, our various audiences – so we’d like to share some of them here with everyone!

“Fantastic show – I loved its sense of fun, its simplicity and its lack of pretension, it made it really accessible for me. I am also so encouraged to see dancers who are beautiful and extraordinary in unconventional ways, so much more engaging than more conventional troupes. Loved how much the dancers were clearly enjoying themselves – made me grin the whole performance through.”

“You guys are awesome! Beautiful, hilarious and totally inspiring. Fantastic.”

“Beautiful! So graceful & fluid it almost made me cry to see human bodies moving with such power!”

“Really fab to see this interesting work – it is different from anything I’d seen before and it made me reflect and take it to heart. Thank you.”

“You ladies are utterly fantastic and inspiring! Such as impressive and intriguing performance, made my Sunday that little bit better – and I’ll daydream of me doing backflips when I’m walking home in the rain!” 

“I thought the performance was thought-provoking, funny, sad and entertaining. The performers were amazing and I was inspired by them. How liberating to have conventional views of what women should be challenged in such a gentle way.”

“Falling up was so good we came back to see it twice from different areas, which made it even more amazing, which we didn’t think was possible and if that wasn’t enough we then got to meet emma after when she came to talk to us! amazing show, amazing performers. Wish we could have seen it two more times and sit in front of the other two people! Thank you for a wonderful time.”

Please do continue to share your thoughts and feelings with us – we always like to hear from you, either here, on Facebook or Twitter! The information you give us is really useful for our future plans and to make sure we can keep making work that you enjoy! Furthermore, all the thoughtful, touching and interesting comments encourage us enormously!!!


If you have seen one of our preformances and haven’t yet left your comments on our online audience survey, please do so now here.







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