It was our first session back yesterday, 23rd April, and I had a lovely time with the Milton Garden Groups. Lina and Frank organised a great workshop with games and races, which was really fun. The older group even danced around the hall with their eyes closed. If you can do that then you can go in the free styling circle!

But we already know that you can be quite silly when you want to be:

SAM_0015 (1024x576)

We even went outside to enjoy the sunshine for part of the session. This proved to be a little distracting at times, as there were lots of people around mimicking our moves and at one point Billy decided to pretend that he got run over and lay in the middle of the road, which was very funny. He is going to be leading a T-shirt making workshop with our young people this term. I can’t wait to have my very own Mimbre T-Shirt!

Today MYC is also returning and we have just as much fun and games planned for you. Our aim is to BEAT Frank!

Thanks to all who returned ready to work.

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