What impact does our work have?

What impact does our work have?

Not only within the arts world there is a continuous discussion about the impact of the arts, their “purpose” and “use” for a society or an individual as well as about the ways to measure this and to quantify an obviously very personal experience. We would like to extend this discussion to you out there and collect information on the impact that our work has… on individuals, on communities and on the wider circus and performing arts sector alike. This is not just out of curiosity and the wish to interact with our audiences, but serves a specific purpose: It will help us to continue making work that you enjoy!

What impact did our performances or our participation work have on you? Did you feel inspired, challenged or moved? Did you feel changed? Did you start thinking differently about something in particular or life in general? What did you take away from having seen or participated in mimbre’s work?

Please share your thoughts and opinions or your story here or via info@mimbre.co.uk – we would really appreciate your feedback! Thank you!



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