What We Do Is What We Love

What We Do Is What We Love

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that we have been working hard making a show that will open for the amazing Circolombia on Thursday 16th April at the Roundhouse.

“What we do is what we love” is created with young people from North and East London asking to forget about the materialistic obsessions and possessions and instead remembering the feeling – the joy of dancing, following your dreams, unleashing the creativity within, and the astounding force of synergy.

We are in the final week of rehearsals, and we are pretty excited to show what the Mimbre Youth Company, the Roundhouse Street Circus Collective and the Music Collective has been working on since January. The evening is billed as a press night but the Roundhouse has released a limited amount of public tickets. We would love it if you came along! You can find them here:


For the past three months, we have been collaborating on creating pieces that mesh street dance, acrobatics, and live music. It’s been amazing (and at times hard) working with this cast and team of 40 people.

Here are some good snaps from this week’s rehearsal.


ROundhouse-Circolombia - Stretch ROundhouse-Circolombia - Pyramid ROundhouse-Circolombia - Dance


And some of the feedback we got from the young people:

“I am looking forward to the show very much and it is gradually becoming an amazing experience! We have been collaborating together to create pyramids, dance and acrobatics to make our show the best! I enjoy this very much because of the friends I make, the people I meet and the mindblowing skills…

We had an awesome afternoon with the professional skilful Circolombia! From acrobatics to dance and juggling to balances we had the best time of our life! (as well as learning the Samba). “

Cora (10)

More to come so do watch this space! J

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