If I Could I Would

About This Project

If I Could I Would is a fast-paced piece of physical theatre featuring virtuoso acrobatics, imagination and humour that recognises it sometimes takes a superhuman effort to rise above the relentless demands of everyday urban life.


An all-female cast play an array of familiar characters in a day where the coffee is spilled, the commute is a trial, street-life is a threat and office politics get under the skin. From every woman to superwoman, If I Could I Would delivers a heart-warming message for everyone about resilience in the face of the everyday grind. If you could, what would you change?


The show is self-contained family friendly performance, created for outdoor festivals and events, with a small transformable set and cast of three performers.


The audience said:

You’ve inspired my little girl, she started running around and jumping into my arms!

That was great! Thank you for the fantastic show, we were impressed and laughed very much!

‘Very impressed! Loved the mix of acrobatics, kung fu, contemporary dance, capoiera. Silvia is hilarious.’


If I Could I Would was first performed on the 25th of May 2016 with its last performance on the 10th of September 2017.

To see where it toured check our Tour Archive.


Artistic Team
Artistic Director: Lina Johansson
Originally performed & devised: Silvia Fratelli, Alcina Mendes, Martha Harrison
Performed for tour 2017: Alcina Mendes, Martha Harrison, Rosy Roberts
Set Designer: Michalis Kokkoliadis
Costume Designer: Bettina John
Sound designer & composer: Isa Suarez

This piece was created using sounds from freesound, please find the full list at the bottom of the page.


We’ve also been featured on Lucy Loves Circus‘ blog, you can read all about the show there too.


Supported by Arts Council England

Photo credits: Eric Richmond, Jamie Currey, Steve Eggleton, Mimbre


If I Could I Would uses these sounds from freesound:
Radio Zapping by Beskhu, Ambulance by Saphe, London Bus Approaches Leaves by icmusic, Piccadilly Circus Ambience by habbis92, Charing Cross Station Walk by Onj, Ambulance Siren by LanDub, Photocopy Machine by Tomlija, Stapler Usage by Callum_Sharp279, Keyboard Typing by Trollarch2, Post Office Walk 01 by Corsica_S, Post Office Ambience by akx, Walking Through Busy Streets by cusconauta, Phone by infobandit, Digital Alarm by Tempouser

  • Andrew Waterworth
    Posted at 00:21h, 21 December Reply

    We saw ‘If I could I would’ performance at Mouth of the Tyne festival in Summer 2017. It was wonderful, and like most of the audience we were transfixed.
    Sadly, we are beyond the age where we could aspire to such acrobatic feats but we wish you well with all your projects.

    • Jana Jammal
      Posted at 15:36h, 23 December Reply

      Thank you so much for getting in touch and letting us know. We’re glad you enjoyed it!

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