Mimbre Sprung
About This Project

From their first tentative movement to fearless somersaults, three characters play a game of hide and seek, weaving a beautiful tapestry of acrobatics and dance. Eyes sparkle and feet fly. The visual beauty and humour of this piece communicates to a wide and varied audience.


Inspired by circus, capoeira, dance and theatre clown, Sprung is a stunningly choreographed piece of street theatre, an extraordinary acrobatic story encapsulated within a musical voyage.


“A new side to movement arts, quite unlike any other group we’ve seen. The piece builds dance and acrobatics into a whole where neither side is a token. They’re renowned among those who know state-of-the-art movement theatre/dance!” Bath Fringe Festival


Sprung was first performed on the 25th of June 2006 with its last performance on the 26th of April 2009.

To see where it toured check our Tour Archive.

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